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Helmholt Homebuyers is happy to answer any questions you might have. If you don't find your questions here on our frequently asked questions page, please give us a call at (314)-223-9593 or fill out the contact form listed at the bottom.

Helmholt Homebuyers, Inc. is the go-to resource to quickly resolve any and all of your real estate needs.  We specialize in pre-foreclosures, short sales, bankruptcies, rental properties, estate sales and more!

We deal with a large variety of situations such as:

  • People who are behind on payments or facing a foreclosure
  • People who are relocating due to a job transfer
  • People who recently received an inherited property and want to sell it
  • People who have vacant investment properties
  • People who cannot afford the real estate taxes
  • People going through a divorce
  • People who are wanting to downsize
  • People who are facing bankruptcy
  • People who don’t want to go through the hassle of a renovation

No matter what the issue is, we can help!

Selling your house should be quick and easy! The process is simple:

  1. Fill out the form located on the “Sell a Property” page
  2. Wait for us to contact you. We’ll give you a call within 24 hours of receiving your form and give you a quote.

All you have to do is fill out the form located on the “Sell a Property” page and we’ll give you a call with a cash offer within 24 hours.

Absolutely not. We promise to provide you with a free cash offer quote.

There a several different factors we take into consideration when reviewing a property to provide a quote. We look over the current condition of the house, we determine the cost of renovations, the time needed to complete the renovations, and we review the selling prices of other houses in the area.

We buy all types of properties regardless of their current condition. No matter if there are cracks in the foundation, a leaky roof, holes in the walls, previous fire or flood damage, you name it!

That’s up to you! We buy houses in their current condition as is so any items left in the house will be handled during the renovation. Although we do advise you to remove valuables, furniture, or any other possessions you wish to keep.

We will provide you with your funds upon the completion of closing the title company.

We promise to maintain complete secrecy of your privacy. Any information you provide us with will be kept confidential.

On our website, if a property is listed “coming soon” that means we have recently purchased this property and it’s currently undergoing the renovation process. Once the construction is complete, the property will be listed as a “current listing”. If you are interested in a coming soon property, please contact the agent listed.

If you are interested in one of our current listings, we’d be happy to assist you! Please fill out our agent’s contact form posted on the listings page and we’ll get back to you shortly. You can also give us a call.